Strange Ways

Strange Ways - touches on everything great about roots music and is driven by old-school songwriting talent and playing skills. Truly a thing of beauty. Rock and Blues Muse  (full review)

Strange Ways - Swagger and confidence ooze throughout the entire album. What you have is a melting pot of the history of American music - rock, blues, folk and pure R&B - joyous. Blues Matters (full review)

Great review of the single "Don't Say I Didn't Warn You" from Purple Revolver.


The blues reinvented, upbeat with a big punch. Heavy & a whole lotta fun


yeah, we'll take that - read the whole review here

Strange Ways Tracks

Rest In Peace

She picks herself up, Piece by Piece Sometimes she wonders, if the noise will ever cease Seems like so long, without any respite Every single day, dark as the night Head in hands she falls to her knees, asks for release What’s it gonna take to make you rest in peace Head in hands she…

Dance Of The Dead

When the dead get up to dance – they sing a song of deathWhen the dead get up to dance – they sing without a breathAh the dead get up to dance – they move away the stonesYeah the dead get up to dance – And they shake their sticks and bones And the moon…

Strange Ways

What happened here? In this place of peace what happened here to make music cease what happened when the music stopped, ah, the bodies dropped We watch in horror as people cried We watch in horror as music died Blood on the dance floor, death in the streets, in a city of dreams And I…

Nothing Like Love

Love is a leap, love is a lunge. Love is deep love is a plunge. Love is sweet love is sour. Love is the root love is the flower Love is the start love is the end. Love is a stranger love is a friend Love is a weak love is strong Love is forever…

No Pasarán

When the sons of Wat Tyler meet With the rhythm of a rock steady beat Then we move our feet Down to Cable Street There’s a neighbourhood bully banging on the door Selling me a ticket for a third world war Everyone’s invited – like it or not Everything you need costs everything you’ve got…


When you look into my eyes it’s like superman’s disguise Plain for all to see there’s no mystery When I try to hide my pain it’s like screaming out your name The cut in my pride is a wound open wide I’m not fooling you I’m not fooling me And life twists the knife Life twists…

The Well

I see greed and ambition scratch crooked fingers to the sky Watch priests and politicians bow their heads and cry I see lawyers and thieves sing the same old lies All around the world, I can’t believe my eyes God’s gone out of business, I’ve thrown away my cross I can’t tell the difference between…


I’m not the one you needed I’m just the one you used The one who gave you everything just to keep your little self amused Yeah, I see you falling Crawling on your knees Yeah, i hear you calling Crying out to me You’re not the one I believed in. You’re just the one who…

Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You

Don’t Say That I Didn’t Warn You   You can’t be free if you make a slave of me Count the ways to wear the chains Shackles bind In hearts and minds Beneath your skin a scar remains   You are what you say And what you do in your day These are our definitions…

The Thrill Of It All

The little girl doesn’t know If she’s alive anymore No sense of fun – nowhere to run   Once there was a time Happiness was no crime Now she’s in a cage – No passion or rage   As the light starts to fall   She’s walking on the edge Of everything unsaid It hurts…

Manic Pixie Dream Girl

Graeme wrote: Writing this lyric, i wanted to get the idea of someone who was feeling nervous, panicked, scared and frail. So some of the words don’t fit, some sentences don’t make sense, some bits are missing. i couldn’t have written this if i didn’t know the person came out the other end and is…

All Our Yesterdays

All Our Yesterdays (Deep Blue Sea) Welcome to the great escape No one’s gonna stop this big break There’s a raging battle Every single night Someone’s give me half a chance we gonna set this place alight So long to my sad old days Don’t look back to those old ways There’s a storm inside…

Rock Star Status

Graeme wrote: I was in an art gallery, and a painting caught my eye. I stood looking for some time. Couldn’t afford it sadly, but I noticed some postcards of the painting for visitors to take – so I took a couple. I just felt drawn to it. Turned the card over to see who…

Recorded at The Music Complex, Deptford, London.
Sound Engineer Chris Mansell
Produced by Chris Mansell and Graeme Wheatley

Artwork by Laura Ratling
Photography by Lene Terland, Christina Jansen, Laurence Harvey, Andy Gray, Steve Dulieu & Pete Sutton

Album PR and layout Clare Free at Outlaw PR

ColorColour is
Dregas - lead vocals, keyboards
Iago Banet - all guitars, backing vocals
Graeme Wheatley - bass guitar, backing vocals
Amanda Dal - drums, percussion and backing vocals

Special thanks to Vinnie Reck for drums and percussion. Vinnie is featured on Don't Say I Didn't Warn You, Dance of the Dead, Nothing Like Love, The Well and Twist

All songs written by ColorColour except
Rest In Peace, written by Szabo, Wheatley, Grange and arranged by ColorColour

Grateful thanks to Paul and Andy Gray and everyone at All About Blues Music,
David Buskell and all at World Domination Music,
Jurgen Dramm and all at Razor Edge Records.

Love and respect to so many people who got this to here - for putting up with us, for putting us up and so much more - Catherine, Laura, Gillian, Tom & Chris - we thank you.