Blues In Buckle


Blues bands often feature a diverse and odd collection of characters. But few bands boast a more curious assortment of collaborators than Buckle Blues. Their story is a uniquely American one, that features elements of race, fame, class, personal animosity and, of course, the blues.

The band began decades ago, with the childhood friendship of guitar player Ace Rangel and drummer Isaiah ‘Steady’ Greene. As teenagers, they played in a local blues band in their hometown of Buckle, Texas. Given their different backgrounds (Ace is white, Isaiah, black) and the backwards mentality of their rural Texas town, it shouldn’t come as a shock that the thorny topic of race interfered with their friendship and nearly ripped it apart.



The story of Buckle Blues is well known to fans of the genre, but for those unfamiliar, all they need to hear is the music. ‘Redemptions’ is a sad tale of a man craving a second chance in life, while ‘Mr. Steady’ is a fun, upbeat tribute to the band’s drummer.

All told this album features all the highs and lows you’d expect from a band who’d endured a lifetime of drama, triumph and, finally, redemption. This band has seen it all, and what they’ve seen can be heard in every note.


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